LuLúxpo / Dirty House ep

Lundi, 1 Mai, 2017
LuLúxpo / Dirty House ep

Label: Paradise Children Records
Country: Switzerland
Released: may 2017
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro House
Format: Ep, Digital

LuLúxpo - Dirty House (original)
LuLúxpo - Dirty House (Bauchamp remix)


The first Paradise Children Records release is a co-production with the label Argent Sale, the electronic music audiovisual label founded by Schnautzi in 2010, based both in Geneva and Lyon. LuLúxpo and Schnautzi met a long time ago and became close friends over the years. Releasing “Dirty House” together came to them very naturally, especially as the limitless producer Bauchamp - great figure of Argent Sale - made a dope remix of it.

LuLúxpo have shared their DJ sets across Switzerland and the world since more than eighteen years. They’ve released a couple of EPs on Pro-Zak Trax, Mental Groove, Poor Records and Parissi La Musique before starting their own record label. From now on, they decided to share music without depending on anybody else, free of any strings attached.

The release kicks off with the original mix of “Dirty House”, a real tribute to House music of the 90s with electronic crazy percussions and a dirty strong bass. The track is faithful to LuLúxpo’s music style: make people dance vs a sexy and bewitching groove. Bauchamp’s remix lasts 7 minutes and is a subtle melting pot of different music genres, which describe according to him what ‘Dirty House’ music is all about.

produced by LuLúxpo & Jérôme Darmois
remixed by Bauchamp
co-realisation with the label Argent Sale

sleeve design & photo by LuLúxpo